Good news for all the University of Batna 2 community!

We are happy to announce a new membership at an international professional organization:

University of Batna 2 SPE Student Chapter officially established on 15 October 2019 (Please read letter from the SPE President with regards to the establishment of our new student chapter).

University of Batna 2 SPE Student Chapter is the third one established in Algeria after those of University of Boumerdes and University of Ouargla.

We will be in touch soon with more information on tools of how to register and be a member of this student chapter at the opening day which will be held in   20 February 2020.

In the mean time you can find out more about SPE and feel free to be in touch with chapter officers over the following official links and contacts:

The subscription platform is open and any student from UB2 who is enrolled in a technical discipline related to the oil and gas industry can subscribe via the link below:

1.What is SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers)?

SPE is a not-for-profit professional organization that serves members from more than 154 countries worldwide. It is a key resource for technical knowledge related to the oil and gas Exploration and Production (E&P) industry and provides services through its publications, conferences, workshops, forums, and website.

SPE supports professionals working in the upstream segment of oil and gas exploration and production and Students pursuing related degrees. SPE have a vast collection of resources and an extensive-60 years experience and counting.

Professionals & Students worldwide found SPE to be trusted source of technical information , resources vital to career success.

By becoming SPE member you can:

Access first-rate technical resources.

Ø Journal of petroleum technology magazine (JPT);

Ø Technical publications. (Peer-reviewed journals, Books)

Ø Technical papers (via OnePetro).

Ø PetroWiki (Petroleum engineering handbook)

Ø Online education.

Maximize your professional potential

Ø Get SPE certified.

Ø Enroll in an SPE Training course.

Ø Become a Published author.

Connect locally, Globally, and Virtually

Ø Locally-attend university chapter meetings and activities (university of Batna 2 chapter).

Ø Globally-attend meetings, conferences, and workshops.

Ø Virtually-collaborate online

Ø Start Networking Early.

And many other privileges that students of UB2 can experience while being SPE UB2 chapter members.

2.University of Batna 2 SPE chapter

The UB2 SPE chapter was established officially by 15th of October 2019, it counts more than 40 members with five officers who manage the chapter.

The UB2 chapter since oct 2019 have done many meetings with SPE Section officers, industrial companies representatives, and University of Batna 2 officials for either promotion or networking ends to enable UB2 students the opportunity to tackle worldwide issues and to learn from world-class professionals.