Message of the UB2 Rector on the Occasion of ICSC'2017, 07/02/2017.

In the name of Allah  ,the most Beneficent , the Most Merciful.

Dear Excellencies ,distinguished guests, dear colleagues, ladies and gentlemen, our beloved students

It is a great pleasure for me to welcome you to the 6th International Conference of systems and control. I am very grateful to all of you for taking time off from your busy schedule to attend this important conference .

The quest for Knowledge has been man's endeavor from the beginning of time but Knowledge becomes valuable only when it is disseminated and applied for the benefit of mankind. It is hoped that ICSC2017 will be a platform to gather and disseminate the latest knowledge in electrical engineering.

Academicians, Scientists, Researchers and Engineers in the field of systems and control will be able to share and discuss new findings and applications. It is envisaged that the findings and exchange of Knowledge  held herein will result in future collaborations between universities , research institutions and industry both locally and internationally .

Thank you for being here, and for sharing your energy, ideas, knowledge and expertise, I want to give special thanks to our Steering and Organizing committee , who initiated this project , and worked  hard to bring it to this stage .

Special thanks  go also to the rector of the University of Batna 1 for his help;

I also wish to thank Professor Drid  Said and all the professors of the department of Electrical engineering for their commitment to make this event come true.

I declare the 6th International Conference of Systems and Control open.

Thank You all
Good Luck.

6th International Conference on Systems and Control (ICSC 2017)